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Caching and WordPress

A WordPress site using caching will improve the visitor's experience by speeding up load time and can even lessen the workload on the server. We look at how you can use browser caching, WordPress caching plugins, and host caching for optimal performance.

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Images and WordPress performance

Images have the power to make or break your WordPress site. In order to optimize their use, we need to consider how they can affect site performance and user experience.

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HTTP Requests and your WordPress site

WordPress sites typically create a lot of HTTP requests and we dive into where those requests can be coming from, how they affect performance, and what can be done to lower the number of HTTP requests.

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Can a poor performing WordPress site impact visitors and admins differently?

WordPress sites that are lagging can be frustrating for both the public and the administrators. We dive into the explaining the issues that can affect both areas.

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WordCamp Vancouver: SVG Magic

WordCamp Vancouver had a great talk about using SVG in the web browser so we decided to provide a recap and our thoughts on how SVG can be used for your web site or web app.

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