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Why we say no to some projects

Saying no isn't always easy, but sometimes it is necessary. Here we give insight into the reasons why it may be wisest for us to reject a project proposal.

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Increment the number at the end of string using PHP

Often problems comes along that require some ingenuity to solve. We pull back the curtain and explain how we automagically incremented the number at the end of a label using PHP.

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Digging into WordPress performance issues with Query Monitor

Curious about how your WordPress queries and plugins are performing? Here we dive into the usefulness of Query Monitor, a plugin that provides loads of details about database queries, hooks, templates, and how your page is loading.

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2016: A year of improving my processes, marketing, network, and website

From small SEO projects to creating custom Laravel apps, it has been a big year here at Kuztek. Here’s a small snapshot of the ways we have grown and developed as a business in 2016.

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Caching and WordPress

A WordPress site using caching will improve the visitor's experience by speeding up load time and can even lessen the workload on the server. We look at how you can use browser caching, WordPress caching plugins, and host caching for optimal performance.

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