Laravel Applications

Sometimes a Content Management System like WordPress can hinder or limit the freedom we require to build an application which would alleviate your exact business problem or source of pain. At these times, we turn to a web application framework like Laravel. We would not recommend Laravel for your small business marketing site or your next sports blog, but if you want to build a great application tailored to your business needs, with the foresight for future flexibility, it is our first choice. Laravel offers a stable and well-thought-out framework for your web application, which excels at connecting the front-end browser experience with a back-end database for your information.

The way Laravel has been built, we can create a web application that meets your exact needs today, and add to it as your needs shift next month…or next year. By using a framework like Laravel, our development process has a wonderful base of key functionality that doesn’t require us to spend time recreating every time we start a new web application project. If your business needs an online tool for connecting users, information, actionable tasks, emailing or user interaction, we would look to Laravel as our first choice.

If you are looking to create a subscription based Software as a Service(SaaS) application we think Laravel Spark would be a great starting point because it saves you time, money, and sets a solid foundation for us to build your killer application upon.

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