Why your amazing startup needs Laravel Spark to be competitive

Today marks the release of Spark, a Laravel package for us as developers to kickstart the creation of your custom web application. We have been watching the development of Spark closely because we believe it will be very beneficial to our clients wanting to build their own SaaS(Software as a Service) tools. Whether you have a great idea for the next project management tool, reporting application, CRM or niche service we believe Spark is an excellent starting point.

Time & Money

The best thing about Spark is that it saves us time during development, leading to cost savings for you, our client. The Spark package includes the core functionality you find on most subscription based web services: Registration & Login, Monthly Invoicing, Team Management, Notifications and even an API. By using Spark we don’t need to create those base components of a web application from scratch, we build upon the great work that is already included in Spark. It doesn’t mean your site has to look like every other site, even those “common” elements can be styled or modified but Spark provides a great framework for us to build upon.

A Great Foundation

Spark is a solid foundation built the proper Laravel way by the creator of Laravel, Taylor Otwell. We can trust that things will be done securely, coded efficiently, and in a way that is flexible enough to handle pivots and your new ideas down the road. Our time is best spent developing the unique features of your application and creating an app that delivers the most value to your clients. Spark was created with developers(like us at Kuztek) in mind and we love that they decided to use Bootstrap for handling front-end styling and vue.js for JavaScript interactions. Spark is a Laravel package so we have the full freedom and capability of Laravel’s great toolkit for application development.


Spark is not free but the time it saves us(and money it saves you) would be better invested in creating your killer application or service. For us to provide the bare minimum(a few key features) of what Spark offers would take us dozens of hours and the full Spark package represents hundreds of hours of coding. The cost of using Spark will have paid for itself within the first few hours we spend working on your custom web application. Spark provides excellent value to you the end client for a very small fee.

What about WordPress and its plugins?

If we were to build a SaaS application for you using WordPress we would require a handful of paid and free plugins along with a great deal of custom programming just to offer the Spark foundation. This doesn’t take into account all the work that would still need to be done to build your application upon that foundation. Here is what we would imagine a WordPress equivalent to Spark requiring:
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Woo Subscriptions(paid plugin)
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices(paid plugin)
  • WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin
  • WooCommerce Braintree Payment Gateway(paid plugin)
  • WordPress Two Factor Auth plugin
  • Shop as Customer For WooCommerce(paid plugin)
  • WordPress Notification Bar
  • Custom plugin for Team management and inviting
  • Custom plugin for Team Based Billing plans

We think WordPress is great for building small business websites, distributing content, and selling your products but we do not recommend it for creating a custom web application tailored to your exact needs. Let us use Spark and Laravel to bring your great business idea to life.

Contact us today and start planning your web application with us.