Simplifying the content admin for

Meet the client

Launched in September of 2017, was joyfully created to serve their discerning global audience by providing a one stop portal to everything worthwhile in the West End of London. As the saying goes, the cream always rises to the top, and exists to point their visitors in the right direction. Whether you are looking for the premium restaurants, sought after real estate agents, high end hotels, top of the line shops, or state of the art theatre productions, is there to guide you to the best of what the region has to offer.  

The Big Problem

During the development of the site the same content was put into the WYSIWYG editor for each page and was being indexed by the sites search engine, skewing the results.

Making changes to this repeated content in the future would also require changing almost 200 individual pages, which would be a huge time investment.

Our Solution

The plan was to create a plugin that added custom fields (using CMB2) for the titles and descriptions for our five key topics of the site. We also would need to update the child theme in order to automatically add this new content in the page templates. This new section had to be styled to exactly match the old content that was previously in the main content section of each page.


The new template looks great, and the site admins can now easily change the titles and content from one central backend settings page. This was a small project but a big improvement for

As if we needed convincing to travel to London, working on this project opened our eyes up to all the adventures awaiting us in the West End.

Many thanks to for giving us the opportunity to working with them to improve their website.

Some sites need improvements to their theme or a custom plugin to add new functionality and we can do all of that for you.