Hardware management tool for Powell built with Vue.js

Meet the client

Powell Industries is a leader in electrical engineering, switchgear, and monitoring systems. They work on really large industrial and commercial projects, doing some really cool stuff that mostly goes over our head. Their headquarters is in Houston, Texas, but the Advanced Product Development happens right here in British Columbia. The Advanced Product Development team designs, prototypes, tests, and develops new products in-house and they were looking for a web developer specializing in JavaScript.

The Big Problem

Powell’s upcoming BriteSpot Plus unit needed a local web application to give engineers advanced control of the devices configuration and dynamic display of the BriteSpot sensor data. The engineering team at Powell are experts in software and hardware development but weren’t comfortable enough with modern web development to tackle the project efficiently. Here is where we came in.

Our Solution

We introduced the Powell team to Vue.js as our foundation for building them a stable, speedy, and flexible web application that can be run from their BriteSpot Plus device, without the need of an internet connection. Our solution included Vue.js, Vuex, vue-router, Moment.js, Yarn, and dozens of other JavaScript packages to create a complex and efficient web interface for managing the BriteSpot Plus configuration.


The web application has dozens of pages and components that smoothly interact with the BriteSpot Plus API to gather data or submit configuration changes. Users of our BriteSpot Plus web tool can change the settings for alarms, relays, networking configuration, and other sensors. They can also view charts of historical data or see the current status details all in the web browser, which is a much larger display than the one built into BriteSpot Plus itself.

The new BriteSpot Plus product and the web interface we were able to develop for it raise the functionality and personnel safety level of switchgear component monitoring to new heights.

A big thanks to Powell Industries for giving us a little more insight into the world of electrical engineering and allowing us to do the same for them with our differing area of engineering.

If you are needing a custom JavaScript solution or tool developed be sure to reach out.