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Meet the client:

Established in 1996 and based out of California, offers the world’s largest selection of barn doors and accessories. They pride themselves on being experts in the field and offer competitive pricing on doors, ranging from modern to rustic and everywhere in between. One of the best things about is their commitment to serve customers worldwide, offering international shipping to their online customers. Not to mention their twenty year warranty on all products...

The Big Problem: was doing a great job of selling its products online, but customers looking for hardware weren't sure what the colour/finish variations looked like before purchasing and wanted to see each possible colour option in action. In order to improve their customers’ shopping experience, which should lead to increased sales, they needed to provide their customers with greater clarity of the colour options.

Our Solution:

barndoor-frontend.pngWe created a custom plugin that enhances the product display by swapping the featured image of the product to the colour variation thumbnail the user selects. This means the customers no longer need to wonder what that colour variation actually looks like before they invest in new barn door hardware.

We also improved the administration of the image based pricing options (such as colour and door guide). This means the staff now spend less time managing the content and are less likely to make errors when adding new products or modifying existing ones. Our functionality gives administers the power to manage the pricing options from the WooCommerce product itself by using custom fields. They are now able to set an image, label, and price for each pricing option and those will be displayed to the user on the frontend through dynamically populating a Gravity Form. This eliminated the need to have a Gravity Form for each product that has variations.  We also performed some basic styling so that when selecting an image radio option the options will not shift around on the page.

In addition, as we were testing out the tool and adding new pricing options, we realized that having to add the same pricing options to multiple existing products can be time consuming. The client can easily duplicate an existing product to make a new product, but what about products that are already set up? We created a special tool that allows the WooCommerce store managers to copy the whole set of pricing options from one product to another in seconds. This can save at least five minutes of tedious work per product that likely would have had a few errors as well.
Check it out:


What did we use to get the job done? was already using Gravity Forms for the pricing options of their WooCommerce products. We built upon that foundation by creating a custom WordPress plugin that integrates some custom fields with ACF Pro onto the product editing page and used Gravity Forms hooks to dynamically populate the pricing options fields. We then wrote JavaScript to handle the swapping of the featured images on the frontend product page. Our final touches were some CSS styling fixes to the product page and adding a special time-saving tool for copying the pricing options (ACF Pro meta values) from one product to another.


The backend interface for managing pricing options from the product: barndoor-manageoptions.png barndoor-manageoptions2.png

Not only did we finish this project within our promised schedule and budget, but we are very excited with the end result, as is our client. Don’t take our word for it though, here is what they have to say:

I gave Kuztek what I had come to believe was an impossible project. In fact, two other developers had previously passed on it, and I was about ready to give up. Kuztek was able to take the impossible and make it reality. From start to finish Kuztek was a dream to work with. Excellent communication.  Not only did Kuztek solve the main problem for us, they helped streamline what had become a cumbersome product upload system and save our Product teams hours of work.  
I highly recommend Kuztek and I look forward to working with them again on our next project.- Larry, Digital Marketing Manager

We had a lot of fun working with  and we look forward to watching their company continue to grow in the future. For the world's best selection of sliding door hardware, barn door hardware, and accessories at the guaranteed lowest price head over to

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