WordPress Blocks

As WordPress and JavaScript developers, the new Block Editor in WordPress is right in our sweet spot. We still wish that WordPress had used Vue.js instead of React for the new Block Editor framework, but the Gutenberg team have done a great job creating a solid foundation for new blocks to be created with. If you have no idea what the new Block Editor is, I suggest you check out this blog post.

If your site has a unique design element that you want to be able to repeatedly drop anywhere into your page or post we can create a custom block, with a great user interface and beautiful styling. The configuration of the block could have options for different colour styles, content relationships, and layout settings. We have built blocks with a dozen settings and fields, with complex functionality like querying a 3rd party API for content that can be referenced from the block and repeatable fields.

The block development process requires an understanding of PHP, JavaScript, React, and the whole WordPress Gutenberg block storage process. The Block Editor is being improved with every WordPress release, but the core functionality is now very stable and flexible, being used on some great sites. We would love to work with you to bring your custom block ideas to life.

Specializing In:

Custom Layout Blocks

Blocks for referencing other content
Blocks that use an API

Blocks to display plugin content
Dynamic Blocks

ServerSideRender blocks

Custom formatting options