Solving complex problems using JavaScript

Maybe you have an amazing spreadsheet that is keeping your company in business, but you wish it was connected to a centralized database so your whole team could use it. Or maybe you need a customized interface for managing key information about your organization. Vue.js is our preferred open source framework for building the complex interactivity that jQuery was never intended to handle. React and AngularJS both have shown the world what a strong JavaScript framework can do, but Vue.js combines some of the best features of both of those, streamlined into an easy to learn approach.

Vue.js is great for both single page web applications and individual components integrated into other websites or web applications. We have worked on some great projects like a quoting application, calculators, ecommerce, information distribution, and a hardware device configuration tool, all built on Vue.js. On GitHub you can even check out the code for our fantasy basketball picker tool that we created using Vue.js and Vuex.

Modern JavaScript frameworks give our projects a jumpstart

The world of JavaScript continues to grow at an astounding pace as new open source tools, frameworks, and packages of code are shared every single minute. Our modern ES6 JavaScript development strategy is built upon Yarn, Webpack, Vue.js, Vuex, and Vue-router. Digging deeper into each of those packages that we use you will find dozens of other smaller packages that they depend on. A complete JavaScript web application will typically contain hundreds of packages that were written by thousands of open source developers who share their code with the world.

No person or agency knows everything about JavaScript, Vue.js, or all of the possible ways they can be formed into a useful interface. We strive to expand our depth of knowledge when it comes to Vue.js, ES6 and JavaScript development but every single project has new requirements or is a little different and our flexibility helps us to adapt as the project evolves. It feels a little bit like magic the way Vue.js projects' bring together custom code along with dependable and stable open-source packages for a strong foundation, and then add on key functionality like handling timezones, displaying dates, improving database interactions, logging errors, etc.

Why do we like to use Vue.js?

In our pursuit of Laravel knowledge we saw mentions of Vue.js, and after seeing some examples of how easy it was to work with we were intrigued. The Vue.js ecosystem makes sense for the types of projects our clients need solved and for the way we like to execute our development strategy. One of our favourite examples of Vue.js code is the from the official Vue.js site.

What’s even possible with Vue.js?

At the heart, Vue.js is great at handling updates to what the viewer sees in the browser based on data sources, and Vue.js makes it very easy to watch for user clicks, filter data, and perform calculations. If you want to learn more about how reactivity works in Vue.js, then this guide will help: Modern web applications have to be fast, responsive, and easy to use if they want to be successful or effective. Vue.js is a great collection of tools that make this a reality.

Perhaps you need a complex calculator for a financial website or a cost savings estimator to help sell your service. Maybe your project calls for some bulk data entry tools with the functionality to fill a hundred rows with a pattern-based ID generator. Vue.js is fast, flexible, and very robust, and we would love to help figure out how it could benefit your company or organization.

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