Ongoing Services

What are ongoing services?

We hope to have strong and lasting business relationships with every client that we take on, but some clients need a different level of service than just finishing the project and moving on. Our ongoing services clients receive faster responses and quicker turnaround on priority tasks than our one and done clients. Currently we offer two types of ongoing services, and they often overlap: hourly retainers and white label services.

Hourly retainers

By establishing weekly or monthly retainers for a set number of hours we can better prioritize your work and make sure that you get the consistent progress on your projects. As part of the retainer package we offer regular meetings to check-in and discuss your long term and short term goals that we are working towards. Setting up a retainer gives you the peace of mind knowing that as issues arise you have someone ready to take them on, and honestly it gives us the stability of having less clients to manage and some predictability to our revenue. Our retainer services can also be established with proactive processes to monitor, evaluate, and consistently look to improve performance benchmarks, as well as safety aspects, of the site. If having a fast loading site, up-to-date WordPress plugins, or constantly improving e-commerce metrics is important to you, then I would recommend locking in retainer services that include time for those.

Jon Campbell combines rare development skills with impeccable integrity. He has become a key component to the success of our publishing company, and I look forward to working with him for many years. - Kerry Murdock,

White label services

We often work with agencies who need some extra manpower to throw at a project or bring us on as a specialist to fill a need on their team. In some of these projects the client knows we are involved, but on others the end client has no relationship with us because that’s how the agency prefers to work, and we can respect that. Our job as a white label service provider is to make your company look good, deliver great services, and serve the end client as if we were working directly for them ourselves. We have worked on more than 100 white label projects and would love to help your business succeed in areas where you need our services.

Anyone who has ever tried to hire a developer knows it’s no easy task. Finding someone who is competent, trustworthy, reliable, and an excellent communicator–unicorns are easier to find. While Jon may not be a mythical horse-like creature, he is all of those other things. He has been a joy to work with this year, and we’re excited to partner with him in the future on other projects. - Justin Sainton, Zao Web Development

Our available retainer packages

I wish we had cool names for our retainer packages like Basic Bronze, Super Silver, and Glorious Gold, but really our retainer services are flexible from 5 hours per month up to 20 hours a week, and what we accomplish in that time frame is up to you. We work with you to figure out the best use of that time package and make sure you are getting great value for your investment with us.

Jon Campbell is a talented word press expert. But the best part is that Jon can communicate with someone who isn’t a techy. In my experience, finding one person with both those characteristics is highly unusual. That’s what differentiates Jon. That’s what makes him highly valued. I’ve been grateful for all of his invaluable help. - Susan Borison,

Our retainer services provide you with WordPress, Laravel, vuejs, and JavaScript services, depending on the needs of your project. Most of our Kuztek retainer clients either have growing websites, but aren’t ready to hire a full-time developer, or agencies that need to step up their development capacity. We have great relationships with our retainer clients and there is always more room at our table.

If you are interested in committing to the long-term health of your business, please contact us to figure out which retainer service will best meet your needs.

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