Need more from Gravity Forms?

What do event registrations, contact forms, and variable products all have in common? They require a robust form to collect information from the user.

Gravity Forms provides interactive forms that are simple, yet effective, for both site administrators and visitors alike. We love to use Gravity Forms because of its ease of functionality, and we’re confident you will love it too.

Check out some of the awesome enhancements we can custom build for your Gravity Forms implementation:

Need different fields that are not in Gravity Forms?

If you have used Gravity Forms before you know it comes with dozens of field types built in, but sometimes you need a new field type that doesn’t already exist. We would love to build a new field type for you that can be used in all your forms. Maybe a color picker, map location field, or a Markdown text field? Let’s make it happen.

Need to do more with your entries?

When a form is submitted the notification emails can be customized along with the confirmation that is shown to the user. Sometimes information needs to be transmitted to a 3rd party API when the form is submitted, we can do that using hooks built into the Gravity Forms submission process.

Want to make it easier for people to fill in the forms?

It is super easy to add new values to a dropdown field in the Gravity Forms editor, but clients come to us when they need an autocomplete field that pulls realtime data from posts, products, an API, or other content in the database. We want to make your forms to have fields showing the the proper values without you having to manually go in and adjust the field settings all the time.

Want to take payments? Or sell with Gravity Forms?

For payment collection, Gravity Forms has some of the most popular payment gateways available such as Stripe, Paypal, and We recommend sticking with an existing payment gateway for most clients, but if you have no choice but to use another payment gateway we can build that for you, provided they have a full documented REST API to interact with.

Gravity Forms also works great with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and some other WordPress e-commerce plugins that collect information during the shopping experience. We can help you blend the flexibility of custom Gravity Forms with these WordPress e-commerce powerhouses.

Event Registration, Content Management, and more

Gravity forms can also be used for user registration, creating new posts, contact forms, and so much more. If you have a form that is almost, but not quite, there and you need some help making it perfect, we would love to help.

Mixing it up

Have a unique request? Great! We thrive off of those. With Gravity Forms we can combine any number of these enhancements and make a customized solution for your WordPress site.

We have worked with this tool dozens of times to meet the interactive forms needs of clients like you. We get excited when taking the existing abilities of WordPress or its best plugins and enhancing them to fit your needs.

So what’s your interactive form need?

Let's get started on making your Gravity Forms amazing.

Specializing In:

Custom Field Types
Connecting to external API's
Dynamic field population
WooCommerce integration
EDD integration